BETC’s Traction created a first brand film for Citroën

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Citroën is a legendary car manufacturer in France and the creator of classic car models such as the Traction, the 2cv or the Type H. Hugely popular for the past 100 years, most people have a romantic and nostalgic relationship with the brand.

To give life to the signature “Inspired by you”,and to pay homage to the history, beauty and pop cultural impact of the Citroën cars, Traction (BETC) and Citroën invite to a road trip through time.

This first brand film from Traction (BETC),features a hitchhiker who travels over the decades as he gets picked up bystrangers, each time in a new Citroën car model.

To create the film Traction worked with François Rousselet (Nike, AXE, Diesel, but also music videos forJ.U.S.T.I.C.E et the Rolling Stones – production house INSURRECTION) and DOPStéphane Fontaine (Captain Fantastic, Jackie…), all set to “Take the Long WayHome” performed by Roger Hodgson, Co-founder of SUPERTRAMP.

The film is broadcasted globally since the 4th of April.

Stéphane Xiberras, President and CCO Traction:

In a world where often only the destination counts, or where we blindly follow the instructions of the GPS, it’s interesting that a big car manufacturer reminds us that it’s the journey that counts and encourages to take the long way home, as Roger Hodgson would say.

François Rousselet, Director :

«There are few films that trace the history of a brand through its mythical models. With BETC we imagined time capsules: iconic images that encamp Citroën in its posterity. There are no specific references to time outside the vehicles and their passengers.

A stylish road trip in the cars that built the history of the brand.

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