Brazilian Red Cross and Artplan encourage clothing donations to transgenders

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Brazilian Red Cross encourages clothing donations to transgenders, in “Transition of Clothes” campaign developed by Artplan.

Going through a gender transition is not easy. It is a phase of adaptation, self-assertion and discovery and also the symbol of a resumption and liberation. With that in mind, the Red Cross of Rio de Janeiro decided to use the story of people who lived this moment in their donation campaign. Created by Artplan, the communication aims to invite transgenders to donate clothes they no longer use, contributing to the recycling of clothing and making other people happy.

Six months after the campaign was launched, more than a ton of clothing was collected, benefiting not only the transgendered public, but also refugees and people living in the street. From the content captured during this time, a mini-documentary called Transparents, which portrays the story of four transsexual people – Jordan Lessa, Kauã Gabriel, Wanessa de Souza and Maria Eduarda – was produced and transformed into a poetic record that shows the reality of this public. The characters tell about the difficulties they have had throughout their lives, relationships with parents, lack of support and how they were born again in another gender.

After the success of the collection of the first phase, we continue to show the reality, life and history of these people – who still often remain invisible in the eyes of society – in an unprecedented way. We want to give voice and visibility to this theme through exclusive and impactful content

Ricardo Weitsman,

Creative Director Artplan

The film features co-creation of the Red Cross, Artplan and the production company Square Pixel Filmes. The production also counted on the partnership of Sonido, which composed an exclusive song for the documentary called “There Goes My Heart”. The complete documentary and several information are available on the website, as well as the video-clip exclusive that counts on scenes of the work, interpreted delicately by sisters Clarissa Lopes, Juliana Lopes and Rae Lopes.


Creative Direction: Ricardinho Weitsman, Alessandra Sadock, Gustavo Tirre
Art Direction: João Santos, Igor Hermes
Editors: Philippe Lacerda, Guilherme Machado, Ricardinho Weitsman
Project Managment: Julia Bernardes
Content and Engagement: Dennys Amaro, Daniela Sabba
Attendance: Ana Paula Sanches, Barbara Diniz
Operation Director: Ronaldo Martins

RTV: Ana Ourique e Nathalia Dutra

Producer: Square Pixel

Director: Raphael Dias

Sound Producer: Sonido

Client: Julio Cais, Leonardo Ali, Rene Silva, Laira Rocha, Carlos Henrique Damasceno, Thais Gonçalves e Roberta Nobre
Approval: Luiz Alberto Sampaio