Škoda France and Rosapark launched « Ugly ‘90s » campaign

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Starting August 29, ŠKODA France and its agency Rosapark launched « Ugly ‘90s » campaign to promote the new look and design of the car’s latest models.

Škoda is a brand that has transformed itself over the last few years and its new models embody this transformation with more modern, fluid lines and the latest technology. Yet, lots of consumers associate the brand with the models it developed in the ‘90s. Together, Rosapark and Škoda decided to remind consumers what the ‘90s were all about : hammer pants, grunge hair, head-to-toe neon, mullets, tie-dye…

The new film’s execution relies on its ability to recall the ambiance of the ‘90s: its colors, clothing styles, gadgets, iconic haircuts. It was imperative we establish a true sense of the times, with the look and feel of an old home movie. Of course, this research necessitated a veritable archeological excavation, as we wanted to make sure the clothes, makeup, and accessories reproduced the ‘90s to perfection.

Using self-derision, ŠKODA France and agency Rosapark wanted to stand out from typical automobile car ads. A voluntary humorous approach that coheres with the brand’s strategy of demonstrating its ability to surprise and be a “game changer” on the French market, as reflected in some of its newer models including the Škoda Superb, Škoda Kodiaq and Škoda Karoq.

The campaign launched simultaneously on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube on August 29th, and will be complimented with a social media activation in France. Using the hashtag #MocheDansLes90s (ugly in the 90s), Twitter users can send pictures of themselves or friends to the brand’s community manager to  or to have their profile pictures redesigned with a ‘90s feel.


Brand: Škoda France 

Brand Management : Paul Barrocas, Marie-Charlotte Bosvieux, Céline Hahn, Stéphanie Cantau

Agency: Rosapark

Co-founders : Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg et Jean-François Sacco

Copywriter : Julien Perrard

Art Director : Nicolas Hurez

Managing Director and Strategic Planning Director : Sacha Lacroix

Advising Director : Julien Quidor dit Pasquet
Strategic Planner : 
Alexandre Ribichesu
Social media manager : 
Thomas Vincenti

TV production : Elodie Jonquille
Print Production : Justine Dudognon
PR : 
Theda Braddock

Production: BIG

Director: Jean Baptiste Saurel

Producer : Kasia Staniaszek-Choppin

Production Director : Driss Lumbroso

Music: Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam