DDB Paris released a new advertising campaign for Amnesty International France

Advertising, CSR

From the beginning, Amnesty International is made of people of all backgrounds and ages, gathered to raise their voices and fight for the respect of human rights. The NGO operates without any financial support from governments or companies, which gives it full independence and great legitimacy. Citizens and volunteers are the true driving force of the movement.

To remain a powerful movement, Amnesty International France has to recruit as many people as possible to join the fight including a new generation that does not engage in NGO activism. Recruiting is the real challenge in today’s times of overexposure to charity advertising, compassion fatigue and a radical transformation of political action.

DDB Paris was tasked with reigniting the activism in the heart of Amnesty International. Working side by side with Amnesty International, DDB Paris completely reinvented the brand platform, revisiting Amnesty International’s identity and history to resonate with new audiences and new forms of activism.

It all started with one simple human truth: everyone wants to be part of something that succeeds. Success is what the NGO’s activists believe in, it’s what gives them the strength to fight every day for human rights. And when they achieve the victory, it feels like nothing else in the world. A motivational message that breaks the codes of guilt or pity often used in charity communications.

Amnesty International France doesn’t ask your support to fight. It asks for your support to win.

A true shot of adrenaline, the film was shot like a music video and it depicts powerful scenes of emotions that are felt by activists all over the world when the time finally comes for them to win. A film that shows an intense kind of joy and celebration and is at the same time a tribute to the fight and struggles Amnesty activists engage in every day.

The campaign will run on TV, cinema and online, with the new baseline « The more we fight, the more we win. »  A poster campaign will be launched in the biggest cities of France with powerful motivational messages aimed to raise awareness and engage a younger audience with the Amnesty international cause.

The campaign is also going to be extended to Instagram, with a relaunch of the Amnesty International account, promoting the victories of the NGO.

The campaign airs starting with September 24th.