Appetite Creative offers new creative solution for ‘Conversational Marketing’

Advertising, Digital & Media

Appetite Creative, an award-winning creative technology company offering multi-channel creative, website and advertising solutions, today announced that they have developed a new format called Liquid Bots, in response to demand for more interactive ways of marketing.

“Conversational marketing” is causing quite a stir as a new and engaging means to attract consumers. This, combined with  increasing pressure on publishers to retain users on their site, were the driving forces behind delivering ads which allow users to verbally interact, without leaving the site.

The premise of Liquid Bots is that the unique format bring chatbots and other conversational assistants into digital advertising via  standard HTML5 banners. Users can ask the ad unit any question without leaving the site the user was browsing upon. This is turn, is predicted to increase efficiency and move users down the purchase funnel more quickly.  By allowing users the ability to interact and start a direct conversation immediately, these ad formats go one step further than a standard dynamic ad format. Perfect for Retail or Travel clients Appetite Creative are trialing this with Best Western so that users can ask about particular hotels, prices and availability immediately.

User want answers directly, and with our Liquid Bots format, users can find exactly what they need in a very short space of time, and do not even need to leave the site they were on to get the answer to their question (…) Consumers are becoming more conversational, from social media even to Alexa to Siri, and we have developed Liquid Bots to offer an advertising format which generate leads directly and answer questions users have, without a need for them to  leave the site.

Jenny Stanley

Managing Director Appetite Creative

This new product release for Appetite Creative follows on from their Liquid Reality format which was used by high end bike manufacturer, Canyon to launch their ultimate bike, the Aeroad CF SLX Disc 9.0 Di2. The 3D experience ad was used to show off the detail of the bike close up and allow the user to spin the bike to see it from all angles; zoom in to see different parts, components and mechanics, and see it from angles you wouldn’t be able to even if the bike was standing in front of you.

The dynamic and engaging ad format delivered results of 0.92% CTR, almost five times the benchmark.

Both ad formats represent the future of interaction within advertising and pioneers the way for advertisers to virtually and interactively deliver their showroom, store or product to the end user.

Appetite Creative Solutions is a multi-award-winning creative technology company with a passion for bringing advertising to life and delivering inspiring creativity for marketers and media owners. With innovative creative solutions across all devices and screens, the company also delivers four unique formats: Liquid Skins, Liquid Bots, Liquid Reality, and Liquid Games. The company portfolio also offers comprehensive web page builds and digital advertising formats.  Appetite Creative provides ad-serving with actionable statistics and transparent insights in real time, allowing brands to capitalize on the optimum impactful format across multiple websites. Founded in 2014, the company has offices in London, Madrid, and Dubai. Appetite Creative awards include The Drum Clutch Top Digital Agency 2018, MENA Best Digital Creative of 2017, and are also proud to be a RAR recommended Agency.