Belarus’ White Square Festival has a new brand identity and is open for entries

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White Square, Belarus’ international festival of creativity, communications and marketing, launched its call for entries for 2019 edition. Entries can be submitted online, on festival’s official website The organizers are expecting over 1000 entries from 30 countries of Europe and the CIS.

At its 10th edition, last year, White Square celebrated a decade of earning recognition among professional community.

The festival used to change its corporate identity frequently during its decade of existence. However, the event managed to reach a certain level and reputation and  to earn respect from the international community, reason why time has come for a long-going strategy when it comes of brand identity.

White Square’s new brand identity was created by Russian branding agency Tomatdesign, that handled festival’s identity previously, for the editions taking place in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Symbolism of “white” embodied in the name of the festival intends to demonstrate the leading role of idea in creative process, in marketing and communications inclusive. Besides, the concept of the festival has always had historical connection with world famous avant-garde artists. White Square festival has become the symbol of creativity in advertising. Having restored historical justice and returned to the semantics of Kazimir Malevich’s “White square”, the festival revealed the metaphor “white on white” in its new brand identity that will be remained over the next years.

11th White Square is scheduled to take place in Minsk (Belarus) on April 17-19. Various business and educational program of the festival will allow accredited participants of the festival to be in the center of European creative professional movement.