Lisa Goodchild (CEO Digiwoo) in Women’s Month Comments: I have the fiercest amazing females around me and this has had a massive lift on my career

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As March is a month when women are celebrated, AdHugger asked a few professionals with a remarkable career to tell us their views on developing their career as women working in the communication industry. Lisa Goodchild (CEO Digiwoo) shared with us her opinion on this matter.

  • How hard was to develop your career?

I grew up on a council estate and spent zero time at school, sold drugs as a kid and burgled a house so developing a career in digital seemed pretty impossible. I think the way I developed my career was with focus, tenacity and sheer hard work, but the one thing that stands out the most until this day as we never stop developing our careers is the people I surround myself with, who lift me and make me believe in me. It also just so happens most of these individuals are women. I have the fiercest amazing females around me and this has had a massive lift on my career.

  • What were the main obstacles to surpass?

I am a proper South East Londoner and my accent totally gives it away! I often feel like the only council estate kid in the room and when I younger often thought this was an issue. It’s only now in my older age, I realize this has been the biggest benefit as it’s given me such a diverse overview of people in general and I most defiantly stand out from the crowd. I have also been on a huge journey coming from growing up on the streets it provides you with a determination as well as the attitude if you are knocked down, which I have been in the past massively, get back up and fight for what you want!

  • How did you managed to achieve success?

Being passionate about everything I do and working like there is no tomorrow. As mentioned my background has provided many bonuses and feeling I can do anything if I want to and putting my mind to it is everything. Success for me is being happy in work and life as well as having a brilliant support network that lift and push me beyond anything I could have ever dreamt of.

  • What do you think today’s industry would need more?

I think we need diversity and giving back. The industry is making fortunes and our country and world are a mess in particular the education system and poverty amongst our young. I am on a mission with my co-founder Sarah Wilson to ensure we are educating young people from the age of 0-21 on the digital landscape. Our schools are failing our young especially with digital skills. We believe industry needs to step up and step in to ensure we have the talent pool we require for today and tomorrow.

  • Top 3 things to follow during the current year:
  1. Augmented reality and how the audience is now ready to embrace this technology now we have the devices and bandwidth.
  2. Streaming services known as Advanced TV. BBC and ITV have just announced a partnership together to rival Netflix.
  3. Ad Fraud and the developments of how this is going to be improved and fixed. It’s a major issue and a lot of companies are getting a big wake up call with the recent arrests of 8 people by the FBI.