BETC | Havas Sao Paulo launched a new campaign for Hershey’s

Ads, Advertising

Under the concept “Bitter, but good,” BETC | Havas Sao Paulo takes to social networks and newspapers a campaign to promote Hershey’s Half Bitter chocolate.

The campaign brings in a series of ads and instagram stories with situations that, at first glance, may seem bad, but in fact, impact on being positive. In this narrative, when building a parallel with the product, brand and agency show that Hershey’s bittersweet chocolate tastes amazing.

The series of ads plays play with news that could be bitter and end up becoming flavorful: an overbooked flight, a contract that was suspended, a sentence to work voluntarily in a panda puppy shelter, a vacation canceled and also a football player who did not passed the selection for the team. In all these scenarios, unlikely outcomes come true. The passenger of the plane is taken to first class, the professional receives another offer to work in the Caribbean, the sentence of the culprit is not so “bad,” and more.

As with bitter chocolate, it is often overlooked by consumers, though it is delicious. The newest Hershey’s campaign can now be seen in the brand’s Instagram and also in newspaper ad format.


  • Advertising Agency: BETC | Havas Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • CCO:Erh Ray
  • Ecd:Andrea Siqueira
  • Creative Directors:Andrea Siqueira, Lucas Ribeiro, Alexandre Kazuo
  • Copywriter:Gabriel Sotero
  • Art Director:André Batista, André Ignatiuk
  • Illustrator:André Ignatiuk
  • Account:Daniela Keller, Fernanda Modena, Izabel Petegrosso, Maíra Castro
  • Media:Carlinha Gagliardi, Ariane Finavaro, Marcel Santos
  • Planning:Agatha Kim, Murilo Oliveira, Milena Nakata, Ellen Rodrigues
  • Production Director:Anna Luisa Ferraz
  • Producer:Renata Fabri
  • Motion:Isaias Campos
  • Photographer:Estúdio Genga
  • Graphic Production Director:Gilmar Souza
  • Graphic Producers:Carlos Valeriano, Plínio Junior, Márcio Brusaferro, Marcos Nascimento, Adriana Wrege, Sabrina Zilli
  • Client:Marcel Sacco, Emerson Cação, Rodrigo Campos, Maitê de Carvalho