study: Almost two thirds of young Romanians fall in love during holidays

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A survey conducted by the free travel metasearch team shows that 27% of the Romanian respondents fell in love during a vacation, and of these, 67% are under 35 years old. Interestingly, 35% of the men who participated in the study stated that they were at least once in love during a vacation, while only 20% of the female participants answered yes.

Although it seems a large percentage, we are very close to the average of the respondents from all 22 countries participating in the survey: 26%. The myth of Latin blood seems to be confirmed, respondents from Latin American countries dominating the ranking of those who fall in love when traveling: Colombia – 37%; Argentina, Mexico and Chile – 35%. At the opposite end, participants who do not open too much during the holidays are those from Canada (15%), Finland and Australia (16%).

  • Where the soul mates meet

Of the Romanians who said they found their partner during a vacation, almost a third (32%) met on a beach. It seems that the sun rising from the sea not only warms the sand, but also the hearts of those who watch it. However, this is not working the same way for those in Sweden too: 31% of those who fell in love during the holiday have met their half in a club or bar.

Another good context for these emotional changes seems to be the travel group. A quarter of the in-holiday-lovers claimed that the person who caught their attention was part of the group they were traveling with.

Going to the location is at least as important as the destination, as 11% said they met the loved one in a plane, bus or train.

Romanians fall in love more easily when doing dynamic activities or physical exercises. Regarding this aspect, together with Americans, they have the highest percentage (10%) of the relationships started during hiking, yoga courses or other forms of relaxation that involve physical effort. Those who are not helped by active experiences to open themselves emotionally are the representatives of Austria, Poland and Argentina, each with only 4%. The equivalent of this context for participants in Australia seems to be the store or a mall: 15% of Australians started a relationship in a holiday while shopping.

  • Do we share the experiences?

Of the 22 nationalities participating in the study, Romanians are the ones who want to tell their holiday experiences to friends or family the most: 47% said that one of the first things they do on their return is to share what they have lived with their beloved ones. Again, it may be another feature of the big Latin family, as those who complete this top come from Colombia (44%) and Mexico (42%). On the opposite side are Finnish (14%) or Swedish (15%) tourists.

The study has been made on data collected in 2019 through an online survey among 23.400 persons from 22 countries, out of which 1006 are Romanians of 18 to 65 years old.  Naming the persons „young” corresponds with Youngsters Law nr.350/2006 which specifies that in Romania are considered „youngsters” citizens between 14 and 35 years of age. is a free travel metasearch engine that compares the best offers for flights, hotels and car rentals worldwide. momondo received numerous international distinctions and was recommended by important publications like The New York Times, CNN, Frommer’s and The Daily Telegraph. momondo has the headquarters in Copenhagen and is present on more than 30 international marketplaces. The free mobile apps are available for iPhone and Android. momondo is part of Kayak, an independent company inside of Booking Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: BKNG).