InfluenceMe 2019: Romanian consumers’ attitudes and preferences, influenced by campaigns with cultural components and social impact 

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In a world continuously fighting to grab consumers’ attention, the influencer marketing concept became central for most communication campaigns. The budgets directed towards influencers campaigns continue to raise and people working in marketing and communication agencies bet more then ever on this approach to increase brands’ relevance.

For the 6th year in a row, Starcom Romania questioned Romanian consumers to find out which is the impact created by influencers in their relations with a brand, but also in their relation with the consumers they are targeting. Data was collected in August-September from a sample of 833 respondents aged over 18 living in urban areas and the results were presented at Influencer Marketing Conference.

This year’s „Influence Me” comes with a first – a pragmatic and unique perspective on hiw are perceived influencers campaigns in Romania, what are the marketing objectives they are building on and what is consumer’s perception about them. This way, Starcom was able to define more thorough and correct the impact of the influencers’ campaigns.

The study brings valuable observations following the analysis of a wide typology of campaigns on Romanian market, which included an influencer marketing component during the current year.

When it comes of the impact of the mentioned campaigns, those who go above the average awareness rate are using celebrities and are supported in media, including on TV. A particularity is represented by campaigns with a surprising element, immediate utility, CSR campaigns or the campaigns with a cultural component.

The actions generated by the influencers’ campaigns (among those analyzed) were an increase of searches related to a product / campaign, the increase of the consideration indicator and, in some cases, the increase in the desire to recommend the product.

Brands are considered when they differentiate, are present to festivals with a story, not just with a stand, and, very important, if they come with experience from areas like culture or personal development.

The buying intention is influenced by the above elements, to which are added the specialists – authorities in certain domains, especially when it comes of high-risk categories.

Consumer’s loyality and its intention to consume the brand in the future is determined by a connection at emotional level generated by the influencers’ campaigns, with the top being dominated by CSR campaigns or campaigns which are actual or relevant.

The same campaigns which determined the increase of love towards brands are also the ones that generated an increase in brand’s relevance, mainly for those from cultural or personal development areas.

Consumers are receptive and want to see more influencers’ campaigns because they consider those interesting and original. On the other side, they want influencers to inspire them, to encourage the civic spirit and to get involved in campaigns with impact in cultural and educational sectors.


Two years ago, we asked people if they are following online celebrities, professionals or other people that deliver constantly information of interest to them: 75% Romanian internet users told us they are following at least one person like that. Last year, we provided a precise definition of the influencer, we introduced the component of influencing the conduct, representing an inspiration source, reference or authority. Only 50% Romanians said they are following such a person, down by 33% compared to two years ago, when the definition included only following, without the influence component. As it looks, the number of followers is not a defining factor for an influencer, it is harder to have this role, you must influence conducts and, through this year’s study, we saw exactly what types of reactions are determined by certain influencers’ campaigns

Rodica Mihalache,

Head of Consumer & Business Insights Starcom Romania

 Influencer marketing is not just a trend anymore, it is a reality we must analyze with all responsibility. Besides the commercial perspective, this year’s study rang an alarm bell when it comes of the content of the influencers’ campaigns: people want to see more campaigns with substance, that are exploring more the cultural or social responsibility areas. They want the influencers to be “role-models”, to inspire, educate and help to developing the community

Andreea Lupu,

Strategy & Innovation Director Starcom Romania


TheStudiul a fost realizat în perioada august – septembrie, pe un eșantion de 833 de respondenți, cu vârsta de peste 18 ani, care locuiesc în mediul urban.



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