Green Group,Romania’s first industrial recycling park, rebranded 

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Green Group, the first recycling park in Romania and one of the biggest in Europe, finalized in April its rebranding process, which consists in a new visual identity and a new concept that highlights its positive impact over the environment. Changing the identity and concept is motivated by the desire to create unity among Green Group’s brands (Green Fiber, Green Tech, Green WEEE, Green Lamp, Green Glass, Green Resources), which offer in present multiple close circuit solutions for treating, recovering, recycling and production based 100% on waste.

The new concept, centered on a powerful statement„What lived once, will live again”, is inspired by the fact that, in nature, nothing gets lost, everything is reused.

Green Group has now a redefined brand architecture, a fresh visual identity inspired by nature, simplified coherent and consistent stylistic elements in all the visual materials, a clear tone of voice and a correct positioning at functional, emotional and sensorial level. The new brand strategy will insure consistency both nationally and at European level, as Green Group is present with products made of 100% recycled materials in several markets

Georgiana Bădălică-Petrescu,

Brand Manager Green Group

Part of the rebranding process is also the change of the visual elements identity, namely the logo. The new one is an abstract of the life cycle and surprises the move of the elements, the evolvement of things and the pure beauty of forms.

The rebranding also included creating a new website, easy to access, friendly interface, responsive.

The basis for the new brand strategy and visual identity were established and created by a mixed team including Green Group’s marketing team and agencies IdeologIq and Headway. The visual identity and new brand concept are signed by  Ideologiq.