Gillette presents “Look Like The Man You Really Are” by Marcel

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A new campaign created in collaboration with rookies from the Kourtrajmé school

With the campaign “Look Like The Man You Really Are”, produced in collaboration and directed by students of Kourtrajmé’s film school, Gillette takes a fresh look at French men, both in their “shaving” moments and their daily concerns. Shaving takes on a special dimension: alone in front of the mirror, it’s a special moment in your personal journey that gives you the strength you need to project yourself into life. With conviction.

What is the most important to me? My family or my career? Should you express your feelings? Will my life choices be accepted? Men are asking themselves these questions more than ever. 

Staging those interrogations, during morning introspection times where shaving plays a special role, is Gillette’s approach to celebrating men and their life choices.          

Facing the mirror, true to yourself, shaving is a time for oneself, a moment when one dares to face the man in the mirror. A moment that gives you the strength to move forward with who you really are, deep down. 

Gillette makes the double choice of the youth and artistic talents to represent masculinities in France.

This first 100% French strategic platform has been nourished by today’s street culture. In order to bring it to life on screen with authenticity and relevance, Gillette has made the double choice of youth and artistic talent. A real dialogue has been established between the school led by Ladj Ly and the brand, in order to define together precisely the themes that will resonate into French people lives.

Three young directors from the school’s 2018 graduating class reinterpreted both the form and substance of the shaving moment. The quest for “masculine perfection” takes on a new perspective through three portraits of today’s men. The moment of shaving is magnified through the use of photographic techniques that elevate the shaving experience.

Gillette France X Kourtrajmé, an ongoing collaboration

Kourtrajmé’s film school was enthusiastic about Gillette’s project to enhance the value of all masculinities. Other “Look Like The Man You Really Are”, projects are already planned and will be released by the end of 2020. Gillette will offer to students the opportunity to illustrate, in their own way, the “masculine perfection”.

Gillette undertakes to finance the films’ productions and to broadcast them.

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Kourtrajmé’s school was founded in 2018 by Ladj Ly, the director of the best-selling film “Les Misérables” which won Cannes’ Jury prize, French Cesar for best movie, best editing, most promising actor and Vesard du public. Oh, and was selected for the Oscars in the best foreign film category. The school, located in Montfermeil, in Seine-Saint-Denis (93), aims to enable those who can’t enter the world of cinema, to do so. Entirely free of charge, open to all, with no diploma requirements, the school trains its students for 9 months to scriptwriting, directing and post-production sessions.

Marcel is one of the Publicis Group’s most award-winning creative agencies worldwide. Since 2011, it has been home to an ever-increasing number of advertisers who want to move the lines in their category and refuse the status quo. Its ability to use creativity in all its forms to transform clients’ businesses has given the agency its motto: Make Things That Change Things.



  • Grooming Europe Design Vice President: Elena Valbonesi
  • Senior Director P&G Grooming France-Benelux: Gilles Bentegeat 
  • Senior Director – Brand Building: Hélène Dusseaux 
  • Integrated Production Manage Gillette Europe: Mary Anne Schmidt 
  • Brand Director Gillette France: Marine Larnaud 
  • Communication Director Gillette France: Christine Cabon
  • Brand Manager Gillette Europe: Aurélia Studer
  • Brand Manager Gillette France: Valentina Ricciardo 


  • CEO: Charles Georges-Picot et Pascal Nessim 
  • Chief Creative Officer Publicis France: Anne de Maupeou 
  • Executive Creative Directors: Gaëtan du Peloux, Youri Guerassimov
  • Directeurs de création: Remy Aboukrat
  • Directrice artistique: Alice Labau
  • Concepteur rédacteur: Rémi Dias Das Almas
  • Managing Partner et Directeur des Stratégies: Nicolas Lévy 
  • Partner et Head of Global Business: Christophe Neyret
  • Account Director: Thomas Lec’hvien
  • Account Manager: Margaux Saltiel
  • Project Managers: Floriane Michaud, Marine Borreil
  • Head of Production: Cleo Ferenczi
  • Post production: Prodigious / Jean-Philippe Tapia
  • Edit: Olivier Gajan / Farid Kada
  • Calibration: Prodigious / Régis Oyer
  • Sound: Prodigious / Fabien Cornec
  • Music: Woodbox Records
  • Editor: Les Editions du Tigre


  • Director Producer: Hadda, Bastienne & Mounib / Kourtrajmeuf
  • (Hadda Tamene / Bastienne Rondot / BA Mounib)
  • Producer: Alexandre Blanchard 
  • Director Producer: Hadda, Bastienne & Mounib / Kourtrajmeuf
  • (Hadda Tamene / Bastienne Rondot / BA Mounib)
  • Producer: Alexandre Blanchard