Paradais DDB signs a new Christmas ad for De Prati

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Thinking of how different this Christmas could be, Paradais DDB developed a campaign for De Prati that invites people to show their affection through the affective value of a gift.

The largest department store in Ecuador, in this very particular year, comes with its Christmas commercial that goes beyond the traditional greeting. The spot produced by Filmeikers and directed by Luján Islas brings us a story in which the value of a gift is portrayed, not because of its monetary value, but because a gift can show love, joy and make others feel part of the family. 

The film tells the story of a dog who, feeling that she does not belong to the family, runs away from home in search of a new home. After touring the city and, after facing dangerous situations, he returns home.


  • Name: Gift
  • Client: De Prati
  • Responsible on behalf of the client: Tamara Espinosa, María José Muñoz
  • Account Executives: Moisés Acosta, María Fernanda Gómez 
  • Head of Planning: Ricardo Medina
  • Strategic Planner: Solange Romo
  • Creative Chairman: Agustín Febres-Cordero 
  • Creative Director: Andrés Monge
  • Copywriter: Carlos Luis Joniaux, Solange Romo, Andrés Monge
  • Art Director: Danitza Ycaza, Jonathan Aguiar, Adriana Peñafiel, Ivanna Rodríguez
  • Content Manager: Lissette Quezada
  • Digital Planner: Javier Loor
  • Production company: Filmeikers 
  • Director: Luján Islas
  • Soundtrack: Cadáver Exquisito – Avión de Papel 

De Prati is the largest chain of department stores in Ecuador whose main line is clothing and home products. Founded in 1940 by Mario De Prati and Doménica de De Prati. De Prati has 24 branches in Ecuador, including fashion, home, and specialized stores.