Sune Sorensen Directs Whimsical Albeit Sweet Reminder About BeingTogether, When We’re Together

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Director Sune Sorensen and agency Soho Square came up with a lovely story that serves as a gentle reminder for all of us to be together, when we’re together.

A young couple, clearly in love, meet for dinner in a quaint Greek tavern when suddenly the place gets incredibly crowded. At first, colleagues, friends, and family seem to “pop up” from every corner, but after that things quickly turn decidedly… Weirder. Everything from skate boarders, famous chefs, social media celebrities, and basketball players, to fishermen, movie characters, and astronauts start filling up the space – all of whom manage to separate the couple more and more. In the end, the story reveals what really is happening when the couple clear away all the distractions with a simple gesture. They turn off their phones.

Director Sune Sorensen:

“Somehow, it feels appropriate right now to focus on the memories we create and moments we share with loved ones. To remind ourselves not to miss out on life and love in favor of the numbing, albeit gratifying, act of escapism. Sometimes, we separate ourselves from even the greatest of situations in an almost auto-response-like-way the second we have to wait a minute. But it’s okay to be awkward once in a while and it’s okay to just be without always having to fill the gaps.”

Actors Smaragda Adamopoulou and George Kaetzcopoulos are both Greek, and the shoot also took place in Athens, which was important to Sorensen: “These types of brand campaigns risk becoming somewhat generic in their tone and style when they seek to accommodate a general international appeal, so I was delighted to know that the client and agency wanted to maintain a close sense of cultural relevance to their Greek history – finding a lovely local tavern, local celebrities, and great local talent just felt right for a story like this”.

The campaign marks a larger effort from the Heineken owned beer brand, Alfa Beer (market leader in Greece), and is the first collaboration between Sorensen and Soho Square: “This is just the start to a new overall approach that I feel confident will bring a lot of other wonderful stories with it – it’s a topic that never ages, and I can’t wait to collaborate with the creatives again in the future!”


  • Director / Representation
  • Sune Sorensen – Director, represented by AgentZoo / Martin Bardrum
  • Los Angeles: Hey Baby Films
  • Hamburg: Markenfilm
  • London: Hunky Dory Films
  • Paris: Bandits Productions
  • Toronto: Circle Productions
  • DOP / Representation
  • Jallo Faber – DOP represented by Artistry
  • Gregg Dallesandro, Stacey Karp, Erin Randol, and David Silavin
  • Agency Soho Square
  • Leonidas Arvanitis – Exec Creative Director
  • Kalina Kyratsouli – Creative Director
  • Ales Esslin – Creative Director
  • Production: Avion Films, Athens.
  • George Tsokopoulos – Executive Producer
  • Grigoris Sarantis – Producer
  • Dafni Kalogianni – Art Director
  • Thanos Athanasiadis – Production Manager
  • Emmelia Chatziandreou – 1st Ass. Director
  • Athens Casting – Casting
  • Panagiotis Lazarakos – Location manager
  • Katerina Chalioti – Styling
  • Kiriaki Douka – Hairstylist
  • Ioanna Simeonidi – Make up Artist
  • Elli Sfika – Food stylist
  • Authorwave – Telecine
  • Andreas Giannakopoulos – Editor
  • Post Production Studio Whiskers
  • Music: 2WEI Music GmbH
  • Nathan Padgett, Simon Heeger, Christian Vorländer.
  • Music supervision by Clarissa Beckert, 2WEI
  • Sound Design: Rabbeats Music
  • Actors: Smaragda Adamopoulou, George Kafetzopoulos