DDB Romania launched a new communication platform for McDonald’s Romania

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When you have to take into account everyone’s budget and appetites, any meal with family or with friends can turn into an equation with unknowns. To help consumers keep up with their needs and preferences, McDonald’s has launched a platform dedicated to those who want to keep up with their own desires, but also take into account the spent budget.

“We believe that there are several very important aspects that characterize Romanian consumers: optimism, cheerfulness, but also the need to feel that they are making smart choices. And it’s important to us to offer our customers options that allow them to make the best choice for themselves and their families, every time.

At McDonald’s, there is a constant concern to provide added value through products, services and packages and the Home Menu Mix campaign provides the layer of a new communication platform designed to highlight this concern for good value for money.

This time, we aim to welcome customers with a bundle, composed of some of the most loved McDonald’s products, in which we combine an advantageous price offer with the flexibility to choose your favorite menus. Thus, any appetite is satisfied and meals in the family or between friends are saved.” – Irina Angelescu, Marketing Director Premier Restaurants Romania (McDonald’s).

“By launching the value platform of the McDonald’s brand, we aimed to give the ideal answer to the ratio between time, money and quality, which every resourceful person has in mind. We wanted to support the brand’s approach to bring more value to people’s lives, not only through everyday actions, but also through communication. The crisis prompts brands to promote, but McDonald’s is a brand that brings more and better with each product launched. Aspect that we want to be reflected at the communication level as well,” explained Georgiana Rotaru, Account Director DDB Romania.

Who are the untanglers?

Well, the answer is simple. Although they may come in different shapes, ages and demographics, one thing unites them: the desire not to give up on their needs and desires despite the time and budget barriers they identify. They unravel all kinds of situations that stand in the way of their joy or well-being and somehow make it good for them and those around them. They are the ones who make life work in their favor. And they are part of McDonald’s fans.

Diverse in personality and needs, so that the brand can keep up with them, DDB Romania followed the line of humor chosen for a long time, but added a special touch, making it more sophisticated, more refined, more casual, maybe even a little sarcastic, sometimes.

Thus, McDonald’s has “adopted” a family, because within it we all share most challenges and feel free to express them. Let’s be direct, open and be understood. There we first learn differences, acceptance, reciprocity. A family that will be the star of the brand’s communication throughout the year.

“As one of the producers of The Borgias series said: People come for the plot, but stay for the characters. Consumers come for a story, but stay for the brand. We wanted to be able to build those recognizable characters that people would come to recognize and expect in the next campaign,” said Ioana Dobrinescu, Strategy Director.

“That’s how Maria appeared. The smart kid who uses her critical spirit to handle any situation. Rational, perfectionist and with a mathematical mind, Maria is the type of hyper-analytical person who considers all scenarios. With a personality inspired by that of some female characters who recently entered pop culture, Maria becomes the ideal protagonist to launch the new McDonald’s platform,” said Alexandru Iliescu, Senior Copywriter DDB Romania.

The campaign is declined in TV, online OOH and in-store executions and runs from February 13 to March 31, 2023.

The teams that told the “Home Menu Mix” story are as follows:

DDB Romania:
Executive Creative Director: Roxana Niță
Senior Art Director: Ana Ramona Tanasă
Senior Copywriter: Alexandru Iliescu
Strategy Director: Ioana Dobrinescu
Account Director: Georgiana Rotaru
Account Manager: Dana Popescu


Marketing Director: Irina Angelescu

Marketing Manager: Alexandra Todirică

Marketing Manager: Lucia Rudaci

Digital Marketing Manager: Cosmina Ţapliuc