Prada rethinks beauty with BETC Etoile Rouge

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Prada Beauty, the largest launch in the L’Oréal Luxe ecosystem in the last 5 years, will emerge as beauty’s progressive « Rethinker ». With this launch, the brand reimagines existing definitions of beauty to open new, avant-garde perspectives, built on the strong vision of the fashion House.

Rethinked as a beauty launch, Prada Beauty offers two ranges: Skin and Color. Prada Skin offers a full skincare-to-complexion routine featuring high-tech, high-science products based on Adaptogen Smart Technology. Prada Color presents the fruits of a unique collaboration with Global Creative Makeup Artist, Lynsey Alexander and Global Creative E-Makeup Artist, Inès Alpha. Together, they developed a care-enriched, highly pigmented range of soft and hyper matte lipsticks, a diversity of fashion-inspired eyeshadow palettes, and foundations.

BETC Etoile Rouge designed the “Rethinking Beauty” campaign, anchored in enigmatic codes that encapsulate Prada’s minimalist DNA:

  • HTML Coding: an embodiment of the technological prowess and scientific development behind each product, weaving omnipresent threads throughout the campaign.
  • Light: an ethereal symbol of performance, framing every product, inverting shadows to conjure up luminous halos.
  • The Prada Triangle: the iconic House shape, punctuating the campaign to explore product textures, macro science and packaging details.
  • Prada Green: the most proprietary Prada color. Immediately recognizable and used as a background to create vibrant energy.

Prada Beauty follows the footsteps of signature fragrance, Paradox: minimalist and maximalist, sophisticated and playful, simple and versatile, uniting heritage and technology. The representation of formulas and packaging bring harmony to luxury and responsibility.

To craft this disruptive campaign, agency and brand worked together with celebrated talents, including Photographer & Director, Tim Elkaim, Benoit Delhomme as DOP, Tomorrow Bureau for all 3D and motion assets, and Simon Escourbiac, Christophe Jager and Carl Jager for still lifes. All production was realized in-house with General Pop and Broadcast, BETC’s content factory, to deliver over 1000 assets.

The Rethinking Beauty campaign launches worldwide across print, digital, and outdoor media. With the launch, Prada extends an intriguing invitation to the world, to rethink beauty, with a sense of creative experimentation and exploration, at once unconventional and ever evolving.  


Advertiser: L’Oreal Luxe

Brand: Prada Beauty

Brand Managers: Yann Andrea, Abdel Jahouh, Celeste Grossgold, Coraline Salem

Ad Agency: BETC Etoile Rouge

Agency Managers: Marine Hakim, Maud Lambert, Suzy Morin, Juliette Mary

Executive Creative Director: Florence Bellisson

Associate Creative Directors: François Pannelier, Adrien Tourneaux

Art Directors: Salome Lelievre, Hugo Dupuis

Assistant Art Director: Garance Douyrou

Copywriter: Symonne Torpy

Music Creative Director: Adam Ghoubali

Strategic Planner: Louis Chahan

Traffic Manager: Letizia Felici

Creative Producer: Muriel Allegrini

Head of Broadcast: Steeve Briel

Art Buyer: Isabelle Mocq

Post Production Companies: Tomorrow Bureau (film), Janvier (content)

Post Producers: Clement Massu (film), Catherine Delas (print), Francoise Redureau (content)

Production Companies: BETC Broadcast, General Pop

Sound Company: GUM Paris

Director: Tim Elkaim (film), Carl Dinner (content)

Photographers: Tim Elkaim (key visuals), Simon Escourbiac (still life), Christophe Jagger (texture), Carl Dinner (content)