Online advertising market in Romania: RON 42,603,201 in 2007, according to “Romanian Online Advertising Study” (ROADS)

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Here’s the translation of the press release, available in Romanian on Ionut’s blog :

Online advertising market in Romania: RON 42,603,201 in 2007, according to “Romanian Online Advertising Study” (ROADS)

Bucharest, December 17th 2008:  “Romanian Online Advertising Study”(ROADS), made by IAB Romania ( and PricewaterhouseCoopers Romania and measuring the value of Romanian online advertising market, shows that, during 2007, the budgets attracted by online advertising were of RON 42,603,201, while, in S1, the value of the budgets invested in online advertising was of RON 33,873,413.

In 2007, the Romanian online advertising market attracted, according to ROADS, net budgets of RON 42,603,201, not including VAT. The value was based on the direct sales values from the most important 11 companies from online market (sales houses and independent publishers).

“This study offers, for the first time in Romania, real numbers, based on the effective sales of the biggest companies in the industry, replacing the estimates made until now”, Ovidiu Florea, IAB Romania’s President and Managing Partner Media Investment.

“PricewaterhouseCoopers Romania team that worked to make the study made for the first time this kind of research on the Romanian online market, using a methodology that is widely used on international level and that is applied in the countries with strong online markets for ten years already. We want this analysis to be a convincing argument so more and more companies to join for the next edition of the study, as it’s happening in other European countries, where PricewaterhouseCoopers and IAB established alredy a tradition in realising this study”, Ruxandra Bandila, Marketing & Business Development Director – PricewaterhouseCoopers Romania, said.

 “Romanian Online Advertising Study” aggregated the sales declarations from 11 companies, including the main online sales houses and the main independent publishers (with important direct sales), that represent, together, over 700 sites.

Based on those aggregated info, the experts from PricewaterhouseCoopers structured the total investments in the Romanian online advertising, taking in consideration the main advertising formats, the categories of advertisers  that used the online ads, and also the months in each semester for showing the evolution of the market in each season. The first edition of ROADS analysed three semesters: both semesters in 2007 and the first semester in 2008.

The complete report of the study includes almost 60 pages, tables and detailed graphics on each of the three directions of analysis, and also the main links between them, showing a complete image of the Romanian online advertising market. The report is be distributed free of charges to the members of IAB Romania, along with the similar report at European level made by IAB Europe.

The next edition of the study made by IAB Romania and PricewaterhouseCoopers will start collecting date at the start of 2009, will include the data analysis for the second semester of 2008 and a complete analysis of the year, along with a comparison between the data for 2007 and 2008.

The study will be published every semester, showing the results in the semester before, offering twice a year data regarding the evolution of Romanian online advertising market

You can get other info regarding “Romanian Online Advertising Study”(ROADS) and IAB Romania’s activity contacting:

Ionut Oprea, 0721.614.964
Executive Director IAB Romania

Regarding IAB Romania

IAB Romania ( was founded in 2006 and gathers together the most important companies in Romanian online advertising: sales houses, advertising agencies, online advertising services providers and local publishers.

IAB Romania is a professional association that has as main purpose to protect and promote the professional interests and investments made on Romanian online advertising market, to elaborate standards for the industry and to create the frame for self-reglementation.

IAB Romania is a member of IAB Europe (, joining as a founding member during the reconfiguration of the association in 2008.


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