Euro 1M advertising budget for Romanian dairy company Covalact

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Romanian dairy company Covalact will invest, in 2010, a budget of Euro 1M in an communication campaign after a rebranding launched at the end of 2009.  The campaign includes market research, creation, production, distribution and national sampling to promote the brand.

The new campaign aims to boost the notoriety of “Covalact de Tara” brand and to contribute at the increase of its market share.

Covalact is market leader on cottage cheese segment with “Branzica de Casa” (Home made cheese) and in top 10 with the rest of its dairy products sold under the Covalact de Tara brand.

The new communication campaign for Covalact de Tara includes a direct, emotional and clear communication with the consumers and also a strong and authentic Romanian character – Coana Chiva. The communication campaign will include advertising components (TV spot, print & PR) and BTL (sampling on national level).

The communication campaign for Covalact de Tara was made by creation agency Candiso, while the media is handled by Optimedia Romania.

According to, Candiso’s team that works on the campaign includes Sorin Predescu – Creative & Managing Director, Traian Nuta – Strategic Planner Partner, Craita Coman – Creative Partner, Alexandru Done – Art Director and Bogdan Minea – Account executive.

Covalact was founded in 1969 and it’s one of the most important dairy companies in Romania. The company is owned nowadays by the American investment fund SigmaBleyzer Southeast European Fund, that also own in Romania also Lactate Harghita brand.

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