Let’s Do It, Romania! launched its TV spot as a call to action for everyone


Let`s Do It, Romania!, a project that has as objective to clean of thrash the entire Romanian territory in just one day, launched a TV spot to reach to all the Romanians and gather a record number of people for the National Cleaning Day.

The TV spot is broadcasted by the following TV stations Pro Tv, Acasă Tv, MTV, Pro Cinema, AXN, HBO, TVR Tg. Mureş, but also online.

Let`s Do It, Romania! is the most important social responsibility project organized until now in Romania and has as objective cleaning the thrash generated by people in natural areas, during just one day. The National Cleaning Day will be on September 25th, a day when all Romanians are expected to join the action and participate to the big cleaning.

The project was implemented before, with success, in Estonia (2008), Letonia and Lithuania (2009), Portugal (March 2010) and Slovenia (April 2010). Until now, Romania is the biggest country that started the project.