Grow brand brains on social media

Digital & Media

The geometry of newsworthiness in traditional media narrates impact, conflict, proximity, prominence, timeliness and novelty. But this is not an article about traditional media.

To start building your brand on social media, try adding a little sugar, spice and everything nice.

Plus lolcats. And fast food, with fast love. In-your-face reactions.

Attention. Speed. Nuance. Playfulness.

There you have it. It’s alive and kicking.

Who is receiving your message?

I am the connected geek that wants to plug his brain to the Main Server “4 ever”, the hipster cliché of the social-trend, the one that started to filter information and in the same time, to validate his/hers own personal “worthiness”. I may play an on-line virtual pink penguin soccer game, read science fiction comics written by a teenager with an obscure name in Taiwan or have a weird passion about knitting in black and white, but trust me I react and I express big time.

I have short attention span and I like to laugh. I talk back and I get emotional if you speak to me about choices, courage, dreams or love.

I am the one you would like to fall in love with you (wherever I write “you”, you say brand, and wherever I write “I” you say the pickiest consumer) for the 5 minutes that’ll make me buy you.

I secretly think I am my little world’s little superman. And I don’t like to be fooled unless that’s part of the game’s premises.

I like you if you (’re) like me.

What turns me off?

Your brand looks boring. Find and add some appropriate human touch. Little mistakes? Little imperfections? Little vulnerabilities and an over sharing attitude? A weird sense of humor? Funny key words thrown in the discussions that subtly and coherently define your brand personality? Whatever floats your boat 🙂

Your brand looks sad, has no friends and does not compensate with a rich interior life. Lacks enthusiasm, creativity or any sense of storytelling, country music sang by a Buddhist choir or dreams about happy puppies.  Go figure, losers are sad, winners are happy.

You don’t seem to care about what I am yelling over in the other room. Don’t continue being deaf and taking yourself too seriously, I’ll just get bored and go away to play with the funky kids. Listening doesn’t mean being silent, it means spotting, expressing and supporting the wave that I could choose to ride tomorrow. If you don’t care, I don’t care either.

Friendly advice

People in SM are not simple figures on that chart in your e-mail. They’re as real and present as you, me or your mom.
“Be transparent” means I want to see you naked, but you should take your clothes off only if you look good. Or if you have a charming personality, special skills or something really impressive to show me.

Talkative is great, unless is tiring and irrelevant. Love your copywriter and buy him nice relaxing tea or cookies.

Don’t let active become stressful.

Don’t feed me information when I need emotions.

Be CREATIVE. If anything can be used against you, you can use anything “along” with you.

People first, money later.

Be human, we may socially approve suited robots, but we never really love them.

Grow your own brains and soul to get high. Not ego or artificial insights.

Make a little dance.

Make a little love.

Get down tonight.