3D sugar, from Romanian Brandstalk and Agrana

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Romanian agency Brandstalk, part of the group, Romanian communication holding, realized the concept and coordination for a new campaign for Agrana sugar, that involves 3D commercials and TV ads.

The TV ads will be broadcasted today, in 3D, promotion the premium sugar brand Margaritar  (Margaritar Brun de Mauritius and Margaritar Zahar Cristal). The 3D spots will run in the main evening news report from Pro TV.

The campaign also included a special promotion that prepared consumers for the 3D experience. This way, all the consumer that brought 3 packs of sugar received as gift a pair of 3D glasses.

Until this evening, the TV ads ran on TV in 2D format on Pro TV and Discovery.

Also, the campaign includes a media component with special project and other actions. 3D print executions were inserted in Pro TV Magazin – TV guide and The One, publications that were the first on their market segments to appear with 3D covers. Pro TV Magazin, the edition from Novermber 8th, is sold together with a pair of 3D glasses.

Agrana is an international company with headquarters in Austria and has activities in sugar  industry at European level and in fruits industry at international level.

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