Public Relations – a discrediting term for professionals in this field

Creativity, Marketing

According to European Communication Monitor study realized in 43 countries and with the help of over 2,200 professionals, almost half of the people questioned say that “public relations (PR)” term is discrediting their profession.

The study is realized annualy by a research group including personalities in the field. The results were made public by EUPRERA and EACD

According to 42% of the respondents, the “public relations” term is discrediting the profession, a potential reason being the bad image of this term in mass-media. As a consequence, many of the practicians prefer to assume other titles, in order to avoid public relations.

The Study also shows that, in Europe, in 3 out of 4 organizations, the communication function is taken seriously by the top management and has a chance to play a role in planning the organisational strategies.

According to the study, 55% of the communication specialists consider relevant, for the following years, “adapting to the digital communication evolution and social networks”.