Bucharest has a tourism marketing plan for 2011-2015 and a slogan for it

Branding, Marketing

Romanian Tourism Ministry organized, on August 8th, a consultation with the tourism factors that activate in Bucharest regarding the touristic marketing plan for 2011-2015, a program to be finalized by the end of August and that is realized by Detente Consultans.

Detente Consultants analyzed the tourism in Bucharest, its evolution trends compared to other European countries, and presented a strategic component for the program.

According to the analysis, Bucharest’s touristic development must be centered on business and city-break tourism.

The proposed slogan for the  program is “Europe is younger in Bucharest”, a catch phrase that resumes the touristic positioning of Bucharest.

Detente’s specialists say that Bucharest’s promotion must be approached also from town’s future perspective, not only from a perspective related to the past. They think Bucharest must recommend itself as a dynamic city, a developing one, different from other country capitals and that offers people a rich range of cultural, artistic and sports events.

Bucharest tourism operators must target businessmen, youth, city-breakers, seniors and thematic public (medical or wellness consumers).

Detente Consultants Sas /Detente Consultants consortium was selected to realize the marketing plan for Bucharest following a public acquisition procedure where it was the only company to present an offer. Contract’s value is Euro 101,952, including VAT, financed from European non-reimbursable funds.

A French company, Detente Consultants is specialized in touristic projects management and has as clients local authorities from France, international and national clients and private operators. The Romanian part of consortium, Detente Consultants SRL Ploiesti, is owned by 3 people born in Algeria that have French and Algerian citizenship.


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