Romanians and advertising – love and hate?

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GfK Romania made, for IqAds, Romanian specialized marcom online publication, a research to understand better the way Romanians are perceiving advertising. The initiative aimed to find relevant insights about how Romanians report themselves to advertising and to prove advertising is present and is influencing Romanians lifes.

The study was made in 2 stages, through an Omnibus representative at national level and through a study made in GfK’s online panel, that has 23,000 members.

Advertising continues to be a power, with all the controversies and gossips around it. The study showed that Romanians are still taking ads in consideration and discover advertising’s good parts. In spite of that, it is obvious that the perception on positive effects is on a declining trend compared to 2002, which launches a big challenge to advertising industry, that needs to reinvent itself continously

Traian Nastase

Online Project Manager GfK Romania

During the last 9 years, the figures evolution on this subject seems to be the consequence of the media attach. This way, although the media budgets shrink in the last 2 years, that didn’t applied to the number of TV and radio ads, prints and outdoors, that remained the same or even increased,as the advertising prices dropped.
Although the study show Romanians aren’t very opened to advertising, there are also good aspects, like the fact that 77% consider that ads sometimes offer them practical or useful details regarding a new product. Also, Romanians are agreeing to the fact that ads sometimes help them to make an easier comparison between the products and can create a bigger competition between producers.

Opinions on advertising are very different in terms of demographics, sex, age or localization of the respondents.