BestJobs: Employers check the online background of their potential employees

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Employers and employees in Romania are careful with their online background, which can be verified before a decision of hiring is taken, according to a study recently made by

The study showed that people that are thinking about their hiring chances are precautios on social networks, to avoid being rejected at a future interview. Among the measures they take there are:

  • avoid posting indecent materials or improper content (22%)
  • avoid to make discriminatory comments (18%)
  • do not post bad comments on former employers (21%)
  • make direct references to their qualifications and experience (11%)
  • are careful with the way they word themselves to show a good capacity of expressing themselves (28%)

On the other hand, 83% of recruiters are saying that they analyze the content generated in social media as part of candidates selection process. The main aspects verified by recruiters are:

  • if they lied about qualifications (37%)
  • if they showed deficiencies in communication (24%)
  • if they post defamatory comments on a former employer (12%)
  • if they post inadequate materials – photos or comments (18%)
  • If they post discriminatory comments (9%)

Pre-employment screening starts to include more and more actions of online analysis of the potential employees, to validate the info included by those in their CV-s.

According to a previous study, personal online identity matters and can influence finding a workplace, that is why the activity in social media must be managed correctly.

The studies were made nationwise, on the candidate and company pages on BestJobs. The studies aren’t scientifically made and they only reflect users opinions.

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