Facebrands PRO launched new performance indicators for Facebook

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Facebrands PRO launched new performance indicators for Facebook, companies that run campaigns on the platform being able to use new indicators and instruments that show the loyalty of their active fans, the social impact of the links and sites used in online campaigns. Also, they have the possibility to export in standard formats the graphics and tables from  Facebrands analysis.

The fans loialty indicator (engaged) shows how often those come on the page and interact with it, compared to other pages or media in the category. This indicator joins the over 30 activity and engagedment indicators Facebrands PRO is analyzing for over 14,500 pages in Romania

The categories with the highest engadgement rate in the last 30 days were Family & Children, Magazines, Local News, Communities and Local Businesses.

The social impact of links (Link Stats) is an optional indicator, included in Facebrands PRO’s Tools section.

According to Facebrands,ro, Facebook has in this moment over 3,8M users in Romania, from which almost 90% mentioned the residence city on their profile.