New Ursus campaign, launched on December 1st

Ads, Creativity

Romanian Ursus beer launched, on December 1st, a new brand campaign with a new spot, the 1st 3D Facebook commercial for a Romanian product and an unique app on Facebook.

For this campaign, we started from Ursus DNA, a brand proud of its Romanian origins and that looks forever towards the future. In the same time, part of our DNA is also our mission, to promote Romanian values of today and tomorrow, that define us and complete us. This mission is present in all our important missions. No matter we are talking about TIFF sponsorship, where we support Romanian cinema, or Ursus Evolution, where we support the new Romanian musicians wave, or the new thematic campaign, that wishes to promote reasons for national pride, all those started from our desire to build what we can call Progressive Romania. We are happy that,now, more and more brands chose to adopt such an approach

Mihai Bonca

Senior Brand Manager URSUS.

Ursus is a brand in which the pride of being Romanian was always strongly expressed, so that the idea of a campaign in which we talk about Romania is normal. We cannot do that in any way, Romanians answer negatively to exagerated patriotism and empty words (…) We found a strong similarity, maybe not just a happening, between Romanian destiny and Ursus. Both are an intense experience. Romanian’s life oscilates between deepest depths and very high peaks.Romanians can be in any way, but not boring. They live everything very intense, maybe because of the surrounding situation or maybe because of their genetic heritage. And, because Romanian’s life is under the sign of the paradox, the most recent Ursus ad presents a series of Romanian paradoxes, from multiple points of view: historically, culturaly, scientifical, economical and social

Razvan Capanescu

Creative Director Publicis Bucharest

The campaign came with 2 surprises for the over 129,000 Ursus fans on Facebook: 1st 3D commercial for a Romanian brand and a special app dedicated to Romania’s National Day (December 1st).