Cocor Media Channel – Euro 1.4M sales in 2011

Media, OOH / DOOH

Cocor Media Channel, the biggest media facade in continental Europe, reported for 2011 outdoor sales  worth Euro 1.4M, an amount slightly smaller than the previous year, when its sales were of Euro 1.7M

From its launch, in december 2008, Cocor media facade attracted passers by attention through its content, Bucharest City Hall’s announcements, theater programs, charity projects, info regarding the brands commercialized by Cocor Store, different advertising campaigns.

Cocor Media Channel is the only outdoor support in Romania that includes a traffic counter. That is why Cocor knows that the trafic around was of 3M cars a month.

The good results we had in 2011 show the increased interest of the clients for spectacular digital outdoor. More than that, the way Cocor Media Channel is positioned and the fact that it is the only outdoor space that has a traffic counter insures the brands of visibility and also of having available data to evaluate the campaigns

Carmen Andrei

Director Cocor Media Channel

The medium time the audience of the media facade is exposed to the messages that run on media facade is different and can vary between 45 seconds and 4 minutes, depending on traffic.Also, the drivers and passers by in the are exposed to the messages 2-7 times a week.

Cocor Media Channel means 3,300 square meters of lights and LED displays and was launched in December 2008, following an investment of Euro 2.6M.