GfK study: Internet changes the traditional buying decision process

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84% Romanian urban internet users took in consideration more brands than the ones they initially had in mind after researching over the internet in order to find information related to a product they wanted to buy, according to “Internet and buying decision” study made by GfK.

Moreover, 57% also brought other brands than the ones they initially were thinking of, after they made their online research. This trend is more obvious when it’s about men (62%), people aged 25 – 34y.o. (63%), with superior education (65%) and people living in Bucharest  (70%).

Once with mass adoption of the internet in Romania, consumer has acces to more opportunities to be informed. Instead of his option to narrow down in order to help choosing a product, as it happens in the classical buying decision prodess, when it’s about online, due to the variety of available information, the options are expanding. This helps the consumer to make the best decision but, in the same time, it is a challenge for companies to include in an intelligent and efficient way the internet in their communication mix

Traian Nastase

Online Project Manager GfK Romania

According to the study, the internet was the 1st or 2nd informational source for products brough in the following industries:  financial, telecom and internet services, electronics and appliances, tourism and lifestyle, Do It Yourself, auto parts and services.

“GfK Internet and buying decision” study was launched at GfK Digital Research Market conference and is available from the start of February. It was realized online, with the help of askGfK respondents panel. Study used a questioning sample of 700 people and it is representative for Romanian urban internet user aged 18-54y.o.