Romanian public lives Adrenaline, with Graffiti BBDO

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Graffiti BBDO launched a new campaign for Pepsico, for their Adrenaline brand, that was already signaled by many for the executions in Bucharest Subway .

As Lavinia Florea, Account Director Graffiti BBDO, explained, “Adrenaline is a brand that ‘talks’ to you, through its name, from the 1st moment you hold the product in your hands. It is a powerful and intuitive name that we worked easy with and that had something to say during the creative process. ‘Live’, the concept behind the launch campaign, was a simple step forward in shaping the brand and its positioning in the category as ‘The Experience Igniter’ or the impulse you need to go beyond your limits”.

The campaign started from an insight related to the situations when you are facing a dare, as explained by one of campaign’s strategist.

The insight the campaign starts is referring to a situation in which each of us was at least one time: the moment from before “that” moment, when your heart is pumping and you are trying to put yourself together for what follows. When you are facing a challenge, no matter you need to make a live presentation in fromt of 100 people or to make bungee jumping, you need a “kick” before starting. Adrenaline is that kick, no matter what the challenge we want to get to a good end is

Alecsandra Roman

Strategic Planner Graffiti BBDO

The communication campaign included more components TV Adrenaline teaser of 10 seconds and TV revealing ad of 20 seconds, OOH consisting in 3D stickers in Bucharest’s subway network – Unirii and Victoriei stations – and posters in student campuses and universities (exposed in frames of 70×100 cm), guerilla actions including stickers with contextual messages in Universities, student campuses, walking areas, subway or buses. The campaign is also declined online, on a dedicated website and a Facebook page.

The teams that worked on this campaign are:

PepsiCo: Jeanina David – Brand Manager, Adriana Nestoriuc – CSD Grup Brand Manager and Calin Clej – CSD Marketing Manager

Graffiti BBDO: Mihai Gongu – Creative Director, Roxana Cristea – Copywriter, Ela Ciorita – Art Director, Stefan Chiritescu – Head of Strategy, Alecsandra Roman – Strategic Planner, Lavinia Florea – Account Director and Cristian Gomoi – Account Executive.

The media was handled by Mediacom, with Mihai Borsaru – Account Coordinator.

For the subway ads, responsible are the people from New Folder, with a team including Alexandru Neagu Veber – CGI and Oana Marinica & Dan Vezentan – retouching.

The executions of the campaign can be seen in gallery below:

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