Science is fun and internet banking is for everyone, from ING

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ING Bank Romania launched an educational platform for internet banking services, launching a new site meant to explain in a simple and creative way internet banking products and services , how they are and which are their benefits.

The launch was made in a press conference prefaced by a series of funny easy to make experiments, in order to show that science is easy and fun and can give interesting results at home, in the same way internet banking is easy and fun and spares some of your time, so you can use it at your choice.

By launching eBank, ING Romania presents in an accesible way the internet banking products and their advantages they bring, comparatively with the traditional banking products.

The new site continues ING Bank’s strategy to offer clients flexibility and comfort in solving the banking operations, also offering info about the best way to administrate personal finances, which is internet banking.

eBank includes an educational section with an included e-banking dictionary that offers users a large range of definitions for banking terms and articles related to internet banking.

We know the banking products can sometimes be a not understandable equation, which complexity gives headaches to the clients. That is the reason ING Bank always focused on launching innovative products, easy to understand and use, that would offer as much flexibility as possible. If recently we launched a new Home’Bank version for smartphones and the Fast Pay option for people already familiarized with new technologies, now we launch an educational platform that offers details, in a friendly language, on internet banking products, services and terminology. targets people that want to simplify their lives and save the time dedicated to personal finances

Maria-Cristina Matei

Director ING Retail Banking

The launch of the new website is accompanied by a campaign that runs both online and offline. From sources, Cap is responsible for “Internet banking for Everybody” campaign, that promotes the platform launched by ING. The campaign includes OOH and print, but also online and PR that will be handled by The Practice.

ING decided to launch the new website  considering internet penetration increased fast in the last couple years, with 47% of the population using the internet and 58% from banking population doing so. Also, the client of internet banking is spending nowadays around 4 hours per day online.

Also, according to a study made by GfK on banking clients in December 2011, the internet evolved, from the channel used for business and friends communication 4-5 years ago to nowadays internet, an ideal channel to pay bills, buy products and services and check the situation of the banking account, so for using banking services.

When it comes of ING, another study (Nielsen, June 2011), shows the bank is perceived by its clients as a modern bank, that comes up with innovations and is a trend-setter in banking services.

ING was the 1st bank that introduced in Romania, in 1995, the electronic payments services for companies and, in 2006, it introduced the most complete electronic payments system for personal use, ING Home’Bank. Meanwhile, ING developed continously its internet banking services, launching new products and facilities, from simple payments in RON and other currencies to planned payments or currency exchange and others (accounts or cards opening, managing credits portfolio, smartphone payments, Home Pay)

ING Romania is part of ING Group, financial institution with Dutch origins that offers banking, insurances and actives management services to over 60M individual clients, companies or institutions in 50 countries.