GfK: Cautious start of the year for Romanian long lasting goods market

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2012’s 1st quarter showed a cautious year start for Romanian long lasting goods market, with a 1% decreased compared with the same period of last year, according to GfK Temax study.

Laptops and tablets – starts of the IT sector in Q1

As the study shows, the only exception was the IT market. With a value of Euro 100M, the total sales in Q1 surpassed by 3.2% the sales in the same period of last year.

Tablets sales managed to generate a considerable growth during last couple quarters, due to the advantages they offer: they are compact, easy to transport and with a high battery autonomy.  This way, tablets managed to show that they can be more than an auxiliary product, becoming useful to consumer with their internet access and customization options via mobile apps.

Electronics – a sector standing still

Electronics market was still in the 1st quarter, with total sales of Euro 62M. This sector registered double digits decrease in almost all categories, excepting TVs (+7% increase in sales as prices dropped 15%), video consoles and audio systems.

Photo: a week quarter for digital photo frames

Photo market reached a total value of Euro 9M in Q1, 1% lower compared to last year. Within the category, digital photo frames had the worse evolution, with a decrease in sales of 32%.

Printers and multi-functionals market: Laser multifunctionals continue to gather most interest

Printers and multifunctionals market registered a slightly negative trend in Q1, with a 5% valoric decrease and total sales of Euro 7M in the first 3 months of the year. Consumers continue to be interested by multi-functional equipments.

Telecoms: Smartphones are balancing trends in the sector

The total value of mobile phones and smartphones market decreased by 7% in Q1, reaching to sales of Euro 38M. Smartphones are winning more and more ground on the market, as mobile phones are not looked for anymore.