Alain Heureux and IAB Romania made public the results of Mediascope Europe for Romania

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Alain Heureux and IAB Romania made public the results of Mediascope Europe for Romania, during a press conference organized on Tuesday.

According to the communicated info, 30% of Romanians are online while they are watching TV and 56% say their actions over the internet during that period of time are related to TV programs they watch. Also, Romanians are watching in the same time on TV and online mainly news, entertainment and documentaries.

Alain Heureux, CEO & President IAB Europe, compared the Romanian values in the study with the medium values at European level in what concerns the consumption models for online, radio, TV, newspapers and magazines and also for internet consumption on computer, mobile, tablets and games consoles.

The results of Mediascope reflect the dynamics and trends in media consumption both at local and European level. For the 1st time this year, Romania is one of the 27 countries that are taking part in the study.

According to the presented information:

  • 39% of Romanians spend an average of 18.6 hours online per week, higher than the CEE average (16.1 hours). According to Mediascope data, there are 7.2M Romanians online, them representing 39% of Romanian total population.
  • TV claims 21.6 hours a week in Romanians media consumption
  • 21% of the internet users are using more than 1 device to access the internet
  • 9% of Romanians are accessing the internet via their mobile phones
  • The Internet is influencing Romanians when it comes of buying intentions and their preferences for a certain brand, 44% of them saying internet helps them chose better services or products (the European average – 51%,  CEE average – 53%)
  • Mobile phone is mainly used for email and online networking.
  • 48% Romanians are visiting, daily, news websites
  • Main online activities for Romanians are emailing and IM
  • Romanians are more active than other Europeans when it comes of social media. They also are more passive in using social networks, with 57% reading status updates and only 15% updating their profile or commenting daily
  • Internet became essential in a brand’s relation with consumers – over 50% of Romanian internet users agree that the way a brand is communicating online is important for them
  • Electronics and telecom services, followed by tourism, are on the first domains where internet influences the buying decision
  • 95% of Romanian users are looking for online info before buying and 87% buy online. In spite of that, only 11% of the total number of purchases is made via internet. According to statements in press conference, Romanians spent for online buys, in the last 6 months, Euro 247 on average, making around 8 purchases.

In terms of media consumption, internet is on 3rd place, after TV and radio. In spite of that, the intensity of internet usage is higher, Romanians spending more time online than the European average (14.1 hrs) and the CEE one (16.1). Although Romanians continue to watch TV, internet is a medium that earns fast more and more ground.

In terms of media consumption and hours claimed from Romanians, TV is on the 1st place (96%, 21.6 hrs), internet on second (39%, 18.6hrs), and radio on the 3rd (47%, 15.6 hrs), followed by newspapers (36%, 5.4 hrs) and magazines (29%, 4.9 hrs). Also, according to Heureux, 95% of Romanians watched TV online (with TV including all videos and TV content online)

The time spent online differs depending on equipment used: 18.3 hours online for computer users, 12.4hrs for mobile users.

Also, according to the study, the main benefits of the Internet are, for Romanians, keeping in contact with family and friends, managing finances, managing lifestyle or easy access to travels and tourism.

Made using a combination of online interviewing methods, online, by phone and face to face, with over 50,000 people questioned in 28 markets, Mediascope Europe is considered as the most important European study about media consumption and online buying habits. In Romania, the research was made through Omnibus and Online, each of the 2 research being made on a sample of 1,000 people.

Romania’s inclusion within Mediascope study was possible with help from sponsors such as ThinkDigital, Vodafone Romania, MediaInvestment, Starcom Mediavest, Initiative Media, Google Romania, Httpool and P&G.

At European level, some Mediascope data is available here.

IAB Europe is offering the results of Mediascope Europe 2012 in different formats for the people interested to have this information. Parts of the study (pan-European data, local data, regional presentation with comparisons, demographic data presentation, pan-European presentation based on media consumption) are available for amounts ranging between Euro 2,500 – 3,000, with discount for IAB members.