Digital Fact Book: Romanian digital market, expected to grow in 2012 to Euro 65M

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Digital market will grow up to 65 million euros in 2012, a 21% increase compared to 2011, according to the second edition of HyperActive’s Digital FactBook (DFB). The estimate includes  fees paid to digital agencies in Romania, the media spends and budgets invested in mobile marketing.

Video, mobile, social media and e-commerce. These are the key words, the most important topics that wil get hot in 2012. With social media becoming a significant part of our lives and a natural way to communicate, the social networks have gained huge popularity and shown a high rate of usage over the last year. We estimate this year the ad budgets invested in Social Media will grow by 50%. Advertisers will start using social media more strategically, as a real business tool, and so, they will learn to build a message that communicates above the noise of the crowd

Alex Visa

Managing Partner HyperActive

Digital market’s total value showed a 30% increase in 2011, compared to the previous year, up to 52-55 million euros, according to DFB. The media spends, including budgets invested on the online local and international media suppliers and on the search market (mainly Google) reached 34 million euros in 2011, a 30% growth compared to 2010. According to DFB, the fees paid to local digital agencies (strategy, creative, website design, digial production fees, social media, analytics – all fall into this category) increased, reaching to a total value of Euro 12-13M, while the mobile marketing investments attracted Euro 7M budgets.

Among top spending categories in digital communication remained same as last year the companies from Telecom, Finance and Auto companies.

Avertisers should become aware of the important role of the context nowadays and deliver integrated experiences, integrated meaning now mobile and online on top of traditional communication. To work properly, digital should focus on 3 key elements: creativity, technology and media

Alex Visa

Managing Partner HyperActive

Social Media and mobile marketing were the most important growth drivers on the local market in 2011. With more than 4 million registered users in late 2011, Facebook continues to be the most used social platform in Romania.

The mobile market reached 7 million euros in 2011 and is expected to grow by 15% this year. SMS kept its leader position as the most used mobile marketing tool in 2011, yet many marketers have started to show bigger interest in mobile apps, mobile advertising and mobi-sites, services that are expected to be the highlights of 2012.

The study is available in English on Hyperactive’s website.