A global photo project for Montblanc, signed by demodern Koln

Creativity, Digital & Media, Social Media

Digital experts at demodern Koln are developing and launching a global app-based photo project “The Montblanc Worldsecond“, for the luxury watchmaker Montblanc.

The app will come up with the ability “to pause the world for just one moment”, at the click of a button, and observe what people in different countries are doing at the same time. In the framework of the global photo contest “The Montblanc Worldsecond”, this is possible with the help of an unusual app for iPhone and Android.

The app allows iPhone or Android users all over the world to capture their personal snapshots. Making the project especially unique is the app’s central countdown function that ensures all participating smartphones will capture the very same “Worldsecond” worldwide. When the countdown ends, participants need only have their device ready and start the app before choosing the moment of their life to eternalize in a photo. In this way, images of the same second all around the world are captured in the “Worldsecond”. The app will capture 60 different moments in total between 1 November and 31 December 2012.

All the snapshots of each individual second are uploaded to the campaign site. On the website, users can browse photos, create galleries featuring favorite images, and share the joy of discovering both the beautiful moments captured and Montblanc’s Swiss-made watches with friends via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest or mail.

To reach people worldwide, the app has been adapted for various markets: In China, “Sina Weibo” is the central social media platform for “The Montblanc Worldsecond”.

In early 2013, Montblanc will reward the winners of the photo contest with valuable prizes.

The idea and conception for “The Montblanc Worldsecond” were created by the digital design agency demodern together with the Hamburg Montblanc office. In addition, Koln-based  demodern developed the app for iPhone and Android and is responsible for realizing the campaign site and a version for iPad.

As an independent digitaldesign agency based in Koln, demodern has been fostering innovative communication for the digital era since 2008. Under the leadership of Kristian Kerkhoff, Alexander El-Meligi and Thomas Junk, a team of 17 employees meet the needs of renowned clients like Nike, Konami and Lemonaid. For its work, demodern has received numerous international and German national prizes, including Gold from ADC Europe 2012 for “Sounds of Hamburg”, two Golden Lions at Cannes 2011 and most recently Gold from New Media Award 2012 for “Wall of Fame” for Edding.