Study: Romanians expected more significant discounts on Black Friday


Exact Research & Consultancy released a study that shows a third of Romanians made acquisitions on Black Friday and 70% of them declared that the discounts weren’t matching their expectations, as they expected 40-50% price reductions with this occasion.

The items Romanian bought the most on Black Friday were computers and PC accessories, followed by electronics and home appliances. Almost half of Romanians that made acquisitions on Black Friday bought items fromĀ Emag (45 %), with Flanco and Altex being the next options.

Although study’s target was formed from people active over internet, the main source in building awareness for Black Friday was TV (59%), seconded by internet (36 %), trusted people and print. Although Black Friday is already a tradition abroad and become more and more important in Romania in the last couple years, almost half of study’s sample (49%) said they heard about it just this year.

According to the study, the average amount spent on Black Friday by Romanians was of RON 550 (Euro 100+).

When it comes of Black Friday’s buyers profile, a robot portrait presents the buyer as aged 24-36 y.o. (36%), married (86%), male (54%), with high education (58 %) and a personal income of RON 800 – 1400 (26 %)