2 hours a day to be spent on mobile apps by the end of the year

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The global market of mobile apps will increase this year by 62%, to $25BN, according recent Gartner estimations. The consumers will get to spend up to 2 hours a day using the apps on their mobile phones. In this context, a good marketing strategy depends substantially of the mobile communication component.

A study by NPD Group underlines that 37% consumers that were using computers reoriented towards tablets and smartphones, especially when it comes of navigating over internet and accessing social networks.

In Romania, the mobile advertising market is expanding and the need of innovative advertising services for mobile keeps on growing.

Expo Media organizes, in partnership with Vodafone Romania, the 4th edition of Mobile Advertising Congress, on March 28th, at JW Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest. During the event, the participants will find out the latest novelties in mobile marketing both in Romania and abroad.

Among the speakers of this year’s edition of the event are renown local and international experts such as:

  • Timotej Gala – Managing Partner EMEA, Httpool Slovenia;
  • Angus Slater – Chief Marketing Officer at Vodafone Romania;
  • Alexandru Putineanu – Managing Director, Mobile Works;
  • Sorin Manea – Telecom Division Manager, Samsung Electronics;
  • Alexandru Israil – Master Trainer, Guerilla Marketing;
  • Doina Costache – Head of Multiple Industries, Google Romania;
  • Horatiu Dimulescu – Manager, Online Content and Mobile Advertising, Vodafone Romania;
  • Cristi Marinescu – Managing Director, Httpool Romania;
  • Dan Virtopeanu – Managing Partner, Breeze Mobile;
  • Alexandru Cernatescu – CEO & Head of Strategy, Infinit Solutions Agency.

The conference will have Mircea Criveanu, branding consultant and Managing PartnerOrasul Meu, as host.

Mobile Advertising Congress brings together every year niche know-how, tech innovation and valuable strategic directions for the audience. Positive feedback from the audience stimulates us to support also in 2013 this initiative meant to educate the local business community and to bring in front of the participants the most useful mobile marketing solutions of the moment, together with the opportunity to meet leaders in the field and close successful partnerships. Local mobile advertising market is on an ascending trend and we are happy  to be among the pioneers that promoted this strategic marketing jump in romania

Horatiu Dimulescu,

Manager, Online Content and Mobile Advertising, Vodafone Romania.

 Local mobile marketing market is still young compared to Western Europe, but it has a huge development potential. The rapid growth in smartphones sales in Romania is generating mobile marketing and mobile shopping. This signs encourage us to believe that the profile market can increase, during the next 3 years, by 45%, and that smartphone will become one of the best communication channels between the brands and their target public

 Sorin Manea

Telecom Division Manager, Samsung Electronics.

The studies show us that the mobile industry is doubling every year and, on some specific market verticals (such as travel, media, beauty, fashion), the rhythm is even more accelerated. There’s no doubt that, for any marketer that wants to be aligned to the latest trends, this domain is a challenge. to know where targeted audience spends more and more time, to monitor with attention the efficiency of the marketing budget – those are 2 imperatives for all businesses connected to the new reality of the digital world. with their presence to Mobile Advertising Congress, I am sure that the participants will learn how to integrate the mobile component into the marketing mix; and, as we are saying at Google, the burning question is “why does mobile world matter?” is more likely to be “How much is the mobile world matter?. I invite you to join me for a debate on business strategies on a multi-device world

 Doina Costache,

Head of Multiple Industries, Google Romania.

As the number of clients that access the internet on mobile grows, local brands must adapt their communication strategy and to invest constantly in competitive solutions, customized for the audience. Mobile Advertising Congress offers to specialized community exactly this thing: it brings in marketers attention the newest solutions and promotion directions, adapted to the Romanian market and brands

Madalina Vilau,

Managing Director, Expo Media.

Besides the main partnership with Vodafone Romania, Mobile Advertising Congress 2013 is also supported by Httpool Romania and Infinit Solutions Agency. The media partners of the event are Digital IQads, TehnoPol, Contact Center Magazine,  Ad Hugger and  Cannes Lions.