GfK reads emotions generated by commercials with EMO Scan

Marketing, Studies

GfK announced it integrated EMO Scan, a new instrument to measure emotions, in its ad testing system. Available in Romania starting March 2013, EMO Scan analyzes, in real time and via webcams, consumer’s facial movements when they are watching commercials.

Our system is unique, because it identifies authentic emotional reactions from people when they are exposed to ad messages in a medium similar to the natural one (…) Using a frame to simulate the reality is absolutely essential to surprise spontaneous and authentic reactions people have to commercial. This means that we can measure emotional reactions with a lot of finesse. When these results are integrated with the info on declared emotions of a person towards a commercial, we are getting a full story on how consumers get involved emotionally when they watch an ad. This offers important directions that contribute significantly to our clients success in improving their advertising messages

Nathalie Mandavit,

Global Director GfK Communication Efficiency

Together with GfK EMO Sensor, the instrument that measures consumers’ declared emotions, EMO Scan completes GfK portfolio for ad testing, adding a new way to measure emotions.