Facos and Armada rediscover authentic Bucovina autentica

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Starting October 2012, Armada manages communication for Facos, one of the most important processed meat products in Suceava area, with over 40 years of expertise in the field. The agency offers complete services (strategy, consultancy, ATL, BTL and implementation) for all client’s brands.

The 1st project developed by Armada for Facos is the launch of the new premium products range “Tara de Sus”, under the slogan “Found again tastes from Bucovina”

The story starts when Facos and Armada started a research and identified a niche, the lack of premium processed meat products made “like at the country side, in someone’s home”. Normally, those products exist, but they are presented only at traditional fairs organized on different occasions. This is how the idea to create a range of products prepared in the traditional way appeared.

In a world where differentiation is everything, we needed a new marketing strategy for our products. We knew people want authentic products, exactly the way the are made in a countryside house. And we also knew people from Bucovina have their original recipes, that have nothing in common with the products on the market. What we needed was an agency to understand our story and be able to give it the form of a communication strategy. This agency was Armada. Together with them, we decided to prepare what people want, following Bucovina’s traditions. We looked for forgotten recipes, gave it to our master chief Zamfir Golea to adjust them and we produced them. Than the moment for branding and communication came and here we let the agency to do their part and the result made us very happy

Vladut Doroftei,

General Manager Facos


Agency’s solution included both the strategy part, branding (name, brand signature, packaging design) and the communication.

“Tara de Sus” assumes brand’s position that brings back for real the old Bucovina. Traditions and, along with them, recipes are slowly vanishing, even from the most conservative regions. No matter how much one would think Bucovina is a land where history is stilla live, there are many things that disappeared from people’s lives. “Tara de Sus” brings back traditions and tastes forgotten for a long time, searching all over Bucovina those recipes that were transmitted from one generation to the other. And here is where the signature ‘Found again tastes from Bucovina’ comes from

Daniel Gherghescu,

Strategic Planner Armada

Speaking about the identity part, the name came after we made our own documentation. “Tara de Sus” is the old name of nowadays Bucovina, before the area was annexed to Habsburgic empire. A forgotten name, pure Romanian, was exactly what we wanted for these products (…) As for the idea behind the campaign (….) following the research we made, we realized that there is a real desire of people to put on the table something made “as much as at home”, as the I don’t know what uncle from the village or somebody’s grandpa were doing. And why wouldn’t we do that? The next step was to find some old recipes that went from generation to generation, with those small secrets attached. So the dare came in making an authentic speech, purely romanian, because that’s what we were talking about

Adrian Albu,

Creative Director

The new range already launched 3 products, with the communication running on outdoor and radio in Suceava, Radauti, Gura Humorului, Falticeni and other towns from Moldavia.

The teams working on the campaign included:

  • Facos: Vladut Doroftei (general manager), Doina Micutar (commercial director), Cristina Polocoser (production coordinator), Petruta Hantar (sales director).
  • Armada:¬†Silvia Dumitru (Art Director), Andrei Dragota (Copywriter), ¬†Daniel Gherghescu (Strategic Planner), Adrian Albu (Creative Director), Tiberiu Tuluca (General Manager).