Lowe&Partners and Mobile Works made the 1st Augmented Street Art project in Romania for Beck’s

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A 4 meters tall bottle of Beck’s right in the center of Bucharest and a screen inside where you can look and see Bucharest buildings coming to life with fantastic characters, those are the ingredients of the 1st  augmented street art project in Romania, made by Lowe&Partners and MobileWorks.

The project is part of the campaign “See beyond the label”, a concept the creatives from Lowe&Partners came up with. The campaign included the launch of a national label creation contest for Beck’s bottles, stimulating and encouraging any creative form, drawing, painting, photo or graphic. Romanians were invited to create Beck’s new label and the 4 winners of the contest will see their creations on Beck’s bottles this summer.

The surrealist characters were created by 4 Romanian artists – Noper, Ghica Popa, Black Moon and Square Cat – and were brought to life by MobileWorks team, with help from augmented reality.

The project was presented during a special event targeting bloggers and journalists, that were first to test the application.

We are looking every time, with the campaign we are making at Lowe&Partners, to offer an unique and differentiating experience. This creativity engagement we generated in the campaign, with the dare to creativity, and the innovative AR experiment are in close relationship with Beck’s brand – we are asking people to be unconventional, original, bringing them closer to the product. We are happy our idea or AR street art was successful, there are a lot of people that stopped to make photos with the creative animations of our artists, enjoying the visual show

Corina Angearu,

Account Manager Lowe&Partners.

We are talking about a national first so the project represented a challenge for each member of the team, starting from bringing to life the creative idea until the solutions chosen for implementation. As every time, we tried to offer an efficient communication solution and we involved all needed resources so this can be unique, aiming to create a strong and personal connection between the brand and the consumer. And the positive reactions appeared.

Andreea Daniel,

Account Manager MobileWorks.

The teams working on the project include

  • Lowe&Partners: Corina Angearu – Account Manager,  Elena Cernatescu – e-Thinker, Manuela Gogu – Creative Director, Aura Sorescu – Senior Copywriter and Laurentiu Dumbrava – Senior Art Director
  • Mobile Works: Andreea Daniel – Account Manager, Irina Bidileac – Senior Account Executive, Ruxandra Oprea – Junior Account Executive, Marian Danscoi – Project Manager