Romanian Starcom’s HumanGraph Experience 8: Generations under the microscope

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Starcom Romania continues the series HumanGraphExperience with a new infographic, “Generations under the Microscope”, in which it identifies the common points and differences when it comes of media consumption between 3 generations: Baby Boomers (people aged now 49 – 67 y.o.), Generation X (aged 33-48 y.o.) and Generation Y (14-32 y.o).

Young generations aren’t that interested on jobs in education, constructions and industry, as Baby Boomers were. Generation Y representatives have totally other preferences when it comes of employment, working mainly in services, commerce, IT and financial sectors.

When it comes of interests, young generation is most into technology  (Computers/IT – 58% Generation Y, 35% Generation X, 18% Baby Boomers and Internet – 79% Generation Y, 51% Generation X, 26% Baby Boomers), but manifests interest also in science, tech and auto. On the other hand, this generation is the least interested in political and social problems.

The online shopping is of interest for all ages, including Baby Boomers, as they have the same interest for online products like the  young generations, although they use internet less.

The consumption of media differs between the 3 generations. TV watching is active and planned during the entire day for Baby Boomers, qualitative and selective for Generation X and set as a background for Generation Y (that is characterized strongly by multitasking).

Newspapers and magazines are consumed by the representatives of all 3 Generations, with differences appearing when it comes of subjects of interest: news and food recipes for more mature generations and fashion, beauty, horoscope, football and internet for Generation Y.

Generation Y listens radio for the music, Baby Boomers keep the ear open for news, while Generation X is interested in both news and music when listening to the radio.

Understanding the gaps between generations is very important for brands’ communication, as it needs to fit consumers’ needs and interests. It is essential to identify the mediums where consumers are present and the proper approach for people belonging to different generations. For this study, we focused the analysis on the way the 3 generations are relating to different general interest themes and access different communication channels, reaching to a series of very interesting insights

Rodica Mihalache,

Head of Consumer & Business Insights Starcom.


Starcom MediaVest Group launched HumanGraphExperience in February, aiming to offer constant and relevant info on the dynamics of the relation between consumers and brands and the impact its evolution has over brands’ way to act on the market.