Reveal Marketing Research: Romanians prefer to stay with the family in difficult economic circumstances

Consumption Habits, Marketing, Studies

A study by Reveal Marketing Research shows that, in difficult economic circumstances, Romanians prefer to spend time with their families instead of profiting on opportunities that can generate revenues.

A research on Romanians’ consumption habits in difficult economic circumstances showed that 5% of Romanians value more the time spent with the family, even if that is making them miss the opportunity to earn substantial income. Besides the  economical crisis, Romanians are emotional and the rationals related to money gains are replaced by the desire to keep family values. When asked what they prefer, only 25% Romanians stated that they want material gains instead of spending time with the family.

No matter the effects of the economical crisis, 48% Romanians wouldn’t give up on family holidays, while favorite clothing brands and going out rank high among women, while men wouldn’t give up on going out with friends.

Financial stability seems to be a benefit young people aged 25-34 y.o. would sacrifice for a safe job, with no salary increase opportunities, while 39.1% would prefer frequent salary increases, even when jobs are less guaranteed.

The research was made via  CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) method, with data collected on October 28-30, from a sample of 994 people aged over 18 and living in urban areas