Research: Smartphones, most sought for gadgets for Romanian youth

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Smartphones are the most sought for gadgets for Romanian millenials, with brand affinity not applying when it comes to tablets, according to YouBus research conclusions, that also show that young people (generation 1990-2000) are directly interested by tech and digital communication channels.

According to the report made by Youth Monitor platform, the most popular electronics for Romanian young people are smartphones (51.3%), laptops (52.9%) and digital photo cameras (53.9%).

Smartphones continue to be some of the most wanted gadgets for the young people: 15.1% intend to buy one in the next period, while 10.1% want to buy a tablet and 9.6% want a laptop. Young people want also digital cameras (7.1%) and game consoles (4.4%).

When it comes of brand affinity, Romanian young people are partially aligned to the international trends, most of them choosing Samsung phones (35.8%), with Nokia ranking 2nd in their preferences (34.1%) and Apple – 3rd (8.4 %).  

Brand loyality doesn’t transmit from mobile phones to tablets. The good news is that 25% of Romanian young people opt for Romanian producers when it comes of tablets, with most popular Romanian brands being Allview and Eboda.

YouBus –  a report that includes trends in activities, preferences and consumption – is part of Youth Monitor project and the latest wave covered March-April 2013. 

Youth Monitor is an initiative launched in 2011 by Brennan Research & Consultants and Quantix Marketing Consulting and is the marketing platform that acts as a connector between international and local brands and companies and Romanian young people.