Romanian ceramic blocks producer finished its rebranding, with help from GMP PR and The Cell

Branding, PR

Romanian Cemacon, producer of ceramic blocks, ended its rebranding process, conceived and implemented by Romanian agencies GMP PR and The Cell. The rebranding was decided by the company as part of its reorganization process, started in 2010.

According to Liviu Stoleru, General Manager of the company, Cemacon underwent an operational and financial restructuring process and needed new visual identity, positioning and a communication campaign to reflect the changes.

The rebranding included company’s repositioning, a redraw for the logo and the creation of a new brand for its innovative products’ portfolio, launched in 2013 .

Cemacon’s identity was declined on logistic and commercial elements, such are exhibition stands, transport vehicles and production and stocking spaces. The rebranding also included the development of a new website for the company.

The rebranding was also supported through a wide communication campaign, that included outdoor, print, communication at sales points, relaunch event.