Storience brands Bookster

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Storience has branded Bookster  – the first Romanian library aimed at corporations. Bookster selects the world’s best books and articles and lends them to corporate employees in Bucharest, Romania.


Aside from the strategy, naming and visual identity, Storience has created the already popular brand slogan, Read’n’Roll. It highlights the brand’s main benefit: helping people sort out their goals and desires, and then achieve them.


We came upon this innovative client whose service has an important social side: motivating and helping people read quality content. The brand communicates this through a symbol that can be read as both a smiling face and a reading lamp

Stefan Liute,

Strategy Director, Storience.  

The name Bookster suggests an enthusiastic, self-confident book lover, and Bookster subscribers are casually called booksters. The disc-shaped business cards further point to the slogan’s roll, and the brand language as a whole has a cheerful, frank and friendly feel.

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The library holds books from various subjects – from personal and professional development to fiction. Many of the authors are Nobel or Pulitzer Prize winners, or are among the world’s top 50 thinkers. Bookster also lends books, articles or studies selected from MBA programs’ curricula from top world universities: Cambridge, Wharton, Harvard, MIT, NYU and Stanford.

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I believe that quality reading, as part of people’s education, plays an essential role in the development of the society. That is why I hope that the Bookster smiling lamp will become a friend and inspiration source to as many corporate employees as possible

Bogdan Georgescu,

Founder of Bookster.

For the time being, Bookster provides books and scientific articles to 8 companies and over 1,400 readers. Its client roster includes companies such as Vodafone, ING, Ernst & Young, Colliers, Banca Transilvania, and Pelifilip. Bogdan Georgescu manages a 14-people Bookster team.




The Storience team that worked for this project includes: Stefan Liute, Adriana Liute – Analysis, strategy and verbal identity, Andrei Robu – identity design.

Storience  is the branding agency that builds consistent and captivating brands, much like stories with a red thread. Founded in July 2012, the agency portfolio already comprises over 20 clients from professional services, healthcare, FMCG, education, constructions and construction materials, interior design, retail, and non-profit. In 2013, Storience won a Bronze at Transform Awards, a prominent European competition for rebranding, repositioning and brand transformation, and launched Zâmburi, a series of ultra-short, illustrated stories for grown-ups in the form of collectible greeting cards.