Analysis: LIDL is the retailer that generates most conversations in Romanian online


Lidl is the brand that generated the most conversations – over 1,200 – in Romanian online between February 26th – March 11th, followed by Billa and Penny – with a number of conversations three times smaller compared to 1st ranked (400). Next in line are Auchan, Profi and Carrefour (270 mentions each).

The last positions in the top are occupied by Cora, Mega Image and Kaufland, with less than 200 conversations generated online each, for the monitored interval.

When it comes of discounters, Lidl is the most active brand, followed by Penny and Profi, while Auchan and Carrefour are the hypermarkets most referred at in online conversation. From the supermarkets sector, Mega Image and Billa are the most mentioned, with Billa having double number of mentions in online discussions compared to Mega Image.

When it comes of Lidl and its mentions online, most conversations were around it obtaining the superbrand status, that recognizes the success the brand had since its launch in Romania, and around Lidl Valentine Kiss. Most used platform for conversations related to Lidl was Facebook, with almost 1000 mentions made mainly by female users (65%).

Billa attracted interest with a Facebook campaign, an initiative that aimed to gather fans by offering consistent discounts for certain products, depending on the number of likes accumulated by each product. Facebook was the place with most mentions also for Billa, and the most mentions were also made by women (70%).

Penny interacted online mainly with women (85%) and also mainly on Facebook.

When it came of Auchan and Profi, the conversations were around opening of new stores, while Carrefour was present with the info on reaching Euro 1BN business turnover and with the campaign “Shop with double purpose”. Facebook remains for those 3 brands too the main platform where the conversations took place.

The analysis was  made with Zurf, an instrument owned by Exact Cercetare & Consultanta (part of BBDO Group Romania), that monitors online conversations in real time, offering also a history of them.