Romanian digital natives receive financial support from parents

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A first syndicated report from a series dedicated to Romanian Digital Natives, “Financial Behaviour: Income and expenses budget for Romanian digital natives”, drafts an image of Romanians aged 14-24 y.o, active in online. The research was made by 1424 and Cult Market Research, and supported by IQads.

The report follows 2 segments, adolescents (14-18 yo) and young adults (19-24) and analyzed their daily expenses, the way they divide the monthly expenses, what occasional or annual expenses they have, which are their periodical or occasional incomes, which is the structure of the expenses and incomes.

According to the report, young Romanians with no work experience expect to receive a wage of 800-1,200 as they know they cannot expect more as they lack experience. They also consider that they have to reach financial independence after 25-26 yo, after accumulating a few years of work experience to allow them earn a higher income

When going out, boys and young men are spending more than girls and young women: RON 50-100 for alcohol, smokes and food compared to RON 10-50 for pizza, fast-food or coffee shops.

One in five adolescents say that parents are motivating him with money to help with household work and for good results at school. Moreover, 85% say parents give them money to buy faster the things they want and save up for.

Among the young adults, a quarter (24%) have a job, but 57% still receive money from parents on regular basis. At special occasions, 92% adolescents and 82% young adults receive money from relatives, usually amounts ranging between RON 50-100 .