MediaTrust: Tourism companies and their visibility in Romanian advertising


mediaTRUST, monitoring service active on multiple markets, including Romania, analyzed tourism companies’ visibility in advertising in terms of number of advertisements ran by media from the start of the year until the end of May

In total, 9,207 ads in the Tourism category ran in the first five months of 2014, from which 5,445 on TV, 3,323 on radio and 438 in print.

For the five months analyzed, March was the most intense in terms of ads for tourism companies (2,216 – 1,212 on TV, 899 on radio and 105 in print), than February (2,010), May (1,838), April (1,601) and January (1,542).

The top of the most visible tourism brands in Romania in terms of number of ads is dominated by Christian Tour travel agency (1,918 ads and an estimated rate card of EUR 2,752,720), seconded by Cocor Spa Hotel (765 ads, rate card of EUR 296,703), and followed by Paralela 45 agency (733 ads worth EUR 298,763), Phoenicia Holiday Resort (718 ads), Phoenicia Grand Hotel (608), Onix Hotel (317), Mareea travel agency (252), Casa Frent (232), Germisara Hotel (219 ) and Arsenal Park (212)

In terms of category of products, hotels and guesthouses had 4,426 ads in the analyzed interval, followed by travel agencies (3,471), while Data Base and Recommendations category recorded 503 ads.

Most ads for tourism category ran on TV, mainly on Money Channel TV (2,763), România TV (1,137) and B1 TV (384). On radio, tourism had the biggest visibility on Kiss FM (1,048 ads), followed by Magic FM (637) and Radio ZU (510). Print publications with most ads for tourism category were Ring (180), ZIUA (20) and Zile şi Nopţi (16)