Telekom Romania – 16 tons of paper with old branding collected in 3 months after rebranding


In three months after its rebranding, Telekom Romania collected, through the campaign “We recycle and innovate” (September 29th – November 14th), a total of 16 tons of paper.

Reciclam si Inovam, proiect Telekom (1)

During campaign’s period, company’s employees were invited to gather the paper materials printed with the old identity and bring them to special collection points.

Following the campaign, the campaign aims to transform the recycled paper in office materials with the new T brand, products it will offer to its employees for holidays.

Reciclam si Inovam, proiect Telekom (3)

With the campaign, the company diminished the paper consumption for producing materials with the new identity. The recycle action was made in partnership with Antalis

Telekom Romania is a telecom brand offering complete services of mobile and fixed communication and instruments around 10M services contracts for its community of clients.

Telekom Romania entered Romanian market in 2014, after a rebranding of Romtelecom and Cosmote Romania. Telekom Romania is a Deutsche Telekom brand