Jazz and World Vision launch a campaign to support poor children in Romania


Romanian Jazz and World Vision launched a new campaign as part of the program “Donating future”, running in December and aiming to support poor children from the communities where the NGO is active .

The campaign is declined on TV, online and social media and is already endorsed by Romanian know celebrities and personalities like Oana Cuzino and Daniela Nane, Cabral Ibaka, Pavel Bartos, Adrian Nour and Trio Zamfirescu

The teams working on the campaign were:

  • World Vision: Cristina Mosteanu – Resorce Development Director, Madalina Dicu – Senior Marketing Manager, Adela Fundulea – Marketing Manager si Oana-Andreea – PR & Communication Manager.
  • Jazz: Octavian Belintan – Senior Art Director, Georgiana Neascu – Account Manager, Diana Benko – Partner & BTL Director, Alexandra Mitoi – Senior Copywriter.
  • Also involved in the campaign were Spoon Media, Rogalski Damaschin PR, Netvibes and Social Lions.